SAMasters is an independent Software Asset Management (SAM), Audit and License Compliance solutions provider with years of hands-on experience behind it. Its team members have decades of combined SAM, Audit, License Compliance, OEM and IoT experience, and have orchestrated hundreds of complex engagements across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

“SAMasters is different. For us, our clients’ interests come first. We believe that in any license compliance review, both parties, clients and the software vendors, should be represented equally and well by the subject matter experts. While there are plenty of partners representing software vendors, we are here to represent our clients”

Savas Yucedag

Founder, SAMasters



SAMasters can provide vendor agnostic SAM, Audit, License Compliance consultancy services throughout the life cycle of IT assets, including software, hardware and cloud. We can represent your company during vendor initiated SAM reviews, Audits and other license compliance engagements, reviews and settlement steps.

SAM as a Service

Regular SAM as a Service reviews can help your company detect its licensing needs early, to expose cybersecurity threats, and to better plan its future IT demands. We can also develop custom services to match your needs and budget.


Increase efficiencies while reducing costs by outsourcing non-core activities to our top talent. We can handle all your SAM, Audit, and License Compliance needs and give you back time to focus on your core business. We can offer on-site or off-site, dedicated as well as shared resources.

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